W_____E_____T_____ dialectics

( _____ applies for any word you prefer)

A series of In situ sonic practices that explore the possibilities of amphibious corporality and mimetic language within a listen-word-world making.
Water makes objects slippery and wet, but what about subjects? In terms of having a different perspective on environmental dialectics, the narratives and memories of water allow us to sonically explore the interconnection of local ecologies through mimetic human-nature dynamics. More than just an imaginary exercise, this soundwalk considers the notion of fiction as key to embracing different correlations between the singular and the common, the body and the unknown, the audible and its meaning.
The Lab - Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin


Download the app Echoes (iOS/ Android) on your mobile.
Go to this link.
Search, select and open the project 'W_____E_____T_____ dialectics I' featured in the app.
You can stream your walk or download easily and save it offline for patchy connectivity.
Your physical presence in the place is needed to activate the walk.
Active your mobile GPS and use headphones.
Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Diedenhofer Stra├če in park, 10405 Berlin